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Hello pony lovers of all ages ^-^

I’ve been thinking about hosting a giveaway, but then I think about what pony plushie I would like to make for it and I hit a road block. Do I go with one of the mane six? How about one of the princesses? Or maybe a side pony? Perhaps a background pony? 

As you can see, it’s a challenging decision. So, I’m leaving it up to you guys!

Here’s your chance to get your own mini pony, laying approximately 6-8in long, made of super soft cuddly minky, in the same style as the Minuette/Colgate plush I made in January. Now here’s the thing, it’s not based on popular vote, it is completely your choiceAs long as the pony has appeared on the show MLP:FiM in seasons 1, 2, or 3, you can choose it!


Now I’m sure you’re wondering how to win this adorable mini pony, it’s pretty simple:

  • Reblog and TAG the name of the pony you’d like if you win 
  • Like this post for an additional entry
  • The giveaway ends March 16th at 12AM EST
  • A winner will be randomly drawn from all of the entries using and announced by 10PM EST on March 16th
  • No give-away specific blogs please!
  • You do not have to follow me in order to win!
  • I will contact the winner via their ask box, so make sure you keep yours open!
  • This giveaway is worldwide, you do not have to pay anything if you win, shipping is completely covered no matter where you live!
  • This is a tumblr exclusive giveaway.

Thank you for looking and good luck, everypony~!

((Sorry for the OOC post. Would have reblogged this to my mod blog, but wanted to make sure the names for the reblog and like were the same))

Also, the O used to be a solid circle, until I blasted a hole in it with laser vision.


Mod Twinkletail here! That’s right! An Oval Ponies contest! The Oval Ponies…or, I guess for now, the Trapezoid Ponies…need YOUR help to return back to their good old rounded forms! They need to search all over for the one pony who’s managed to stay an oval through all of this, and maybe…just maybe…it could be YOU!

Entering this contest is nice and easy! There’s only two steps:

1) Follow Oval Ponies! Only followers can win!
2) Reblog this post! One reblog only!

One winner will be randomly chosen at 11:59 PM EST on March 1st! And what does the winner receive, you may ask (And you probably are, because let’s face it, that’s what people enter contests for!)?


One lucky winner will receive:

One (1) copy (copy) of the IDW My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Micro-Series featuring Twilight Alicorn Sparkle!

Now, I realize that this is not a special edition cover or anything. Therefore, in addition to the comic, the winner will receive a SUPER-LIMITED, ONE-OF-A-KIND ALTERNATE COMIC COVER that is hand-drawn by me!

And FINALLY…your OC will be featured in the Oval Ponies post in which everything goes back to normal! Yes, your OC will be the one unaffected pony, the key to fixing the Oval Pony universe!

And there might be another prize thrown in too! We’ll see!

So get to reblogging, folks! Only you can save the Oval Pony universe from the horrors of corners and two parallel sides!

Reblogging on this account too in case people might see it here! I AM Mod Twinkletail so I can’t win this, but you can!

I’m pretty much the best father ever. Don’t worry though, I take them out to the Danger Park once every couple of days.

Inbox Cleared!

((Sorry for the inactivity over…a long time. I haven’t been very inspired for this blog, but I’d like to keep it going. As such, I’ve cleaned my inbox (Not that I had a ton of questions to begin with) and am starting fresh! So get those questions rolling, and also, check out my other blog, Oval Ponies! ))


Clearly my art has only gotten better.


Clearly my art has only gotten better.


Twilight: I didn’t even know that was rude…

((Just reblogging this cause it’s a new project that I’m running with a good friend! Go ahead and follow if you like! I plan to still update TOCP, but this one’s a lot easier to update :P))


I did an art.
Cutie marks and the edge of the bench are copypasted from vectors cause I’m not that good :P

((I know it’s not TOCP art, but posting here too because why not))


I did an art.

Cutie marks and the edge of the bench are copypasted from vectors cause I’m not that good :P

((I know it’s not TOCP art, but posting here too because why not))

Also, I wanted it so that people could buy me for 1 bit, so that their towns could be great right from the start, but Gameloft couldn’t make any money that way, so I was out.